Cпециалист по лицензированию и сертификации/Licensing and certification specialist

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Job Family: Compliance
Updated At: August 28, 2017

This job posting is no longer active



  1. Conducts control and analysis of the regulatory, legal and permissible documentations,  explains to the management regulatory rules and laws
  2. Manages the personnel accountable and puts prospective and current tasks, conducts training, controls the execution of tasks and assignments. Helps to managers in the analysis and selection of companies carrying out expert and certification works.
  3. Participation in committees and adjustment with the legislation of design and permits documentation for new constructions.
  4. Preparation, coordination and verification of prepared documentation  prior to submitting to the Ministry, to get the permission to access the equipment to use, introduction of measuring instruments to the register of Kazakhstan.
  5. Work and explanation with the management of controlling bodies about questions at issue of regulatory, legal nature.
  6. Coordination of works on submitting annual reports on the licensed activities.
  7. Coordination and final verification of the prepared documentation before submitting to the Ministries for filling out of licenses on the type of activities, of import and export, of certificates on industrial safety, access of equipment to use, of equipment certification.
  8. Is being a focal point on regulatory questions for WFT Customers.
  9. Attends the customer meetings and provide required reports
  10. Conduct internal and vendor audits to check the compliance to regulatory requirements of RoK.
  11. Any other delegated responsibilities as instructed by Line Management within the timeframe specified in a safe and efficient manner to meet business requirements, provided the instruction is reasonable and you are capable and deemed competent to fulfill these.