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Location: SAFAT, Kuwait
Job Family: Field operations
Updated At: October 18, 2017

This job posting is no longer active


Basic Function:


The Gas Analyst is responsible for implementing company policies and strategies in relation to Gas Analysis services.  Each Analyst is required to provide evaluation of formation and fluid gas signatures to assist the client in real-time decision making by collating the data from advanced gas equipment with LWD, MLS and WLL data.  Ensuring that the quality of services supplied conform to Client and Company specifications and standards.



Duties, Responsibilities & Accountabilities:



1)     Planning - Organization - Control

  • Agree with Client and Operations Coordinator the scope of each job in line with the contractual requirements and brief the Operators accordingly.
  • Supervise commissioning of the Advanced Gas equipment and review documentation to insure equipment requirements are fulfilled and equipment ready to operate. This includes but is not limited to: review of certificates, commissioning reports, calibrations, inventories, Safety requirements, etc.
  • Responsible for the monitoring and evaluation of geological/gas analysis, providing safe and efficient drilling of the well and ensuring immediate, accurate and detailed reporting to the Client Representative
  • Responsible for producing accurate and timely reports and logs, as required by the Client, QC of Data and ensure data confidentiality is maintained by all staff.
  • Provide interpretive and analytical assistance to the Geologist, Company Representative and Drilling Supervisor upon request.
  • Liaise with Client on end of well status, inform operations of agreed programme and supervise decommissioning of equipment in accordance with procedures.

2)     Operations

  • Confirm reporting procedure with the Company Representative/Operations Geologist and immediately inform the appropriate personnel of any unwarranted changes in gas levels and gas ratios which are of geological or well safety significance.
  • Maintain accurate up to date records with all relevant information recorded in a clear and legible manner and evaluated both on a real-time and off-line basis, ensure that all data is backed up on a daily basis and at the end of the well.
  • Review Daily Reports from unit and ensure that data and logs are kept updated, including entering geological information when provided by Wellsite Geologists/MLS.
  • Report and liaise with the Client on an on-going basis with relation to formation and reservoir evaluation and ensure that arrangements are in place to maintain evaluation when not on-site.
  • As part of end of well procedures confirm drilling and geological completion details with Client Representative; whether future revisions/changes will be required.
  • Where applicable, confirm details of follow on contracts; dates, requirements, rig movements, unit installation etc.
  • Ensure that Final Well Reports, Plots and Logs are complete and accurate, prepare final reports and provide to Client.


  1. Personnel
  • Supervise and advise all junior personnel in their duties, ensuring all Client/Company requirements are met.
  • Provide on job training for junior personnel, as necessary to ensure they are proficient in evaluation and recording procedures, operation of software, sensors and equipment.
  • Complete Field Evaluation reports for junior personnel and return to Operations Manager


4)     Sales

  • Review with Clients the types of service required according to their needs and obligations.
  • Promote new techniques and activities in order to increase potential markets and stay ahead of competition


5)     Research and Development

  • Monitor equipment performance, failure reports etc, feedback development opportunities to technical department

6)     Equipment

  • Routinely check calibration of sensors, maintain calibration records and ensure that all equipment is performing to the specified requirements.
  • Check inventory against job requirements, ensuring adequate consumables (primarily helium and calibration gas) have been provided.
  • Rig up and calibrate equipment if necessary in a safe and orderly manner, observing rig operations and safety requirements and rig down as part of end of well procedures
  • Determine rig specifications that may affect sensor installation, install sensors, computer systems and unit equipment.
  • Ensure that tool kits, are fully accounted for.

7)     Health, Safety and Environmental

  • Report actual or near accident and injury to Company personnel on location as per rig and/or Client policy and inform Project Supervisor, or Operation Manager, in all cases.
  • Investigate all incidents/ accidents to determine root causes, recommend corrective & preventive measures, monitor implementation.
  • Promote the corporate QHSSE policy and programs and ensure safe working conditions of all personnel involved in operations within designated area.
  • Ensure clients and crews are aware of company policy.
  • Perform QHSSE Audits/Inspection of local operations as required.


8)     Quality

  • Ensure that the quality directives are understood and implemented.
  • Initiate proper procedures and programs for personnel to maintain quality.
  • Ensure clients are aware of our quality aims.


9)     Organization Relationships

  • The Gas analyst reports directly to field operations manager and has advanced Gas equipment operators reporting to him.

Required Skills:


  • Full Microsoft office software literacy with emphasis on MS PowerPoint.
  • Excellent presentation and analysis skills.
  • Fluent in English (listening, speaking and writing). Knowledge of the language where operations are performed is an advantage.
  • Excellent communication skills with emphasis on the client – contractor’s relationship
  • Management skills and job planning are also required. 


Required Education:

A Gas Analyst is required to have:

A minimum of a Bachelor Degree in Geology (BSc.), Petroleum Geology or Petroleum Engineering from a recognized University.

Have completed successfully the following internal training:

o    Basic Mud Logging course

o    Basic Acquisition and monitoring Software and hardware course.

Hydrocarbon evaluation and interpretation course


Required Experience:

The Gas Analyst shall have completed at least 3 years with Weatherford or another Mud Logging Company as an Advanced Gas Equipment Operator and at least 05 years in the mud logging services