FORKLIFT DRIVER/Оператор вилочного погрузчика

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Job Family: Forklift operations
Updated At: November 14, 2017

This job posting is no longer active



  1. To work outside (open area) and workshop, assist with the movements of Company equipments.
  2. To work at the Company facilities providing assistance to the PL’s crew with the movements of materials and equipments.


  1. To move in workshop (open area) equipments for any PL’s and return goods to storage area after inspection / maintenance.


  1. To load and unload equipments from trucks or baskets.


  1. To control the shipment inventory; outgoing and incoming materials LL and check load lists.


  1. To report to Department Supervisors about condition and quantity of received shipments from Customers.


  1. To conduct daily visual inspection of the forklift and on a daily basis to keep updated a log of forklift inspection.


  1. To inform Manager and vehicle mechanic in time about findings in forklift condition.


  1. To maintain the forklift and control maintenance documentation on a routine basis.


  1. To be responsibility for the safety of all handling operations plus responsibility for environmental control.


  1. To report any unsafe conditions or acts to the Supervisor/Manager.