LEAD CT ENGINEER Ведущий инженер по моделированию работ с применением гибкой насосно-компрессорной трубы

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Job Family: Engineering
Updated At: October 26, 2018

This job posting is no longer active


  1. Directs the work of the operational management of the progress production and services at oil and gas fields by using computer technology, communications and connections
  2. Develops and introduces innovative processes, types of equipment and production tools, optimum conditions for all kinds of different work complexity providing with the product competitiveness
  3. Calculates of the demand for raw materials and materials for production, ensures requests for materials and equipment are duly made to prevent non-productive time
  4. Ensures the veracity of service reports prior to reporting to the Client
  5. Ensures operation normes and quality of operations in complince with the standarts set. If necessary takes appropriate action
  6. Recommends how to improve well design and operations
  7. Promotes good relationship with the client
  8. Identifies high risk situations and take preventive measures

Executes all the instructions of direct and secondary manager


1. Higher education.

2. More than 3 years of experience.