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Job Family: Health & safety
Updated At: November 22, 2018

This job posting is no longer active




  1. Reviews the results of audit findings and ensures that corrective / preventive actions are implemented, evaluated And shared.
  2. Prepares and has responsibility for the audit program for the area of responsibility.
  3. Ensures that every facility within the area of responsibility has an emergency response plan in place and that drills to measure effectiveness are conducted and lessons learned implemented and shared.
  4. Responsible for managing Weatherford’s Short Service Employee Program in the area of responsibility.
  5. Identifies regulatory training that is not covered in Weatherford’s corporate programs and elevates to next level management.
  6. Works with Human Resources to ensure that RightStart induction is delivered to all new employees.
  7. Ensures that all HSE Professionals participate in Weatherford’s professional development framework and holds those who do not participate accountable during performance management.
  8. Reviews all incidents, identifies trends and proposes solutions to the next level of management.
  9. Ensures emergency preparedness for all facilities within the area of responsibility.
  10. Ensures that Weatherford’s enterprise risk management tools are implemented and sustained.
  11. Ensures that all incidents are managed in accordance with the requirements of Weatherford’s Incident Management Standard.
  12. Ensures compliance with the requirements of Weatherford’s Lifting Equipment and Operations GEM.
  13. Ensures that a program is implemented and sustained to ensure inspection and maintenance of all lifting equipment within the area of responsibility.
  14. Ensures that product/service line personnel have the necessary permits and licenses to operate with hazardous substances as required.
  15. Sets goals to reduce impacts to the environment.
  16. Ensures environmental regulatory compliance for the area of responsibility.
  17. Ensures that waste vendors are approved and audited.
  18. Ensures that environmental process is followed in relation to the entry and vacate of facilities.
  19. Ensures that adequate resources are available for the implementation and sustainment of OEPS standards.
  20. Ensures that HSE professionals progress through Weatherford’s HSE development framework.
  21. Conducts analysis of all statistical data, trends and identifies areas for improvement.
  22. Assists in the preparation of materials for pre-qualification, tender and contract review
  23. Develops and measures an annual HSE improvement plan that is aligned with corporate objectives and budgets for the necessary resources.
  24. Tracks and validates legislative change and ensures that MOC process is followed to update OEPS standards.
  25. A member and active participant in external professional bodies and conferences.
  26. Ensures that performance management is conducted on all HSE professionals within the area of responsibility.
  27. Provides client focus for all aspects of Quality
  28. Works will all PL’s to ensure WFT Quality Management systems are effectively implemented and sustained
  29. Responsible for the management of all internal audits, management reviews, critical supplier audits and follow up
  30. Analysi  and feedback on CPAR’s, field NCR, client CPAR’s and quality CPAR registers
  31. Maintenance of all aspects of WFT QMS
  32. Ensures that hazardous substances are managed safely and in accordance with local regulations.
  33. Ensures that risk assessments are conducted for the introduction of any new hazardous substances within the area of responsibility.
  34. Ensures the provision of training and awareness for employees who are required to work in a hazardous environment.
  35. Ensures that resources are available to assist with the risk assessment of any identified potential hazardous environment.


Requirements for a candidate:

  • - higher education
  • - experience in the HSE - 5-8 years
  • - work experience in a managerial position - 2-4 years
  • - knowledge of English at the spoken level
  • - willingness to travel