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Location: SAFAT, Kuwait
Updated At: February 18, 2019


Duties, Responsibilities & Accountabilities:

 Adhere to Safety procedure and policies in accordance with safety management system, Including:

  1. Active participation and contribution to specific safety initiatives in meetings.
  2. Report all hazardous and unsafe acts.
  3. Actively promote positive safety culture.


Adhere to quality procedure and policies in accordance with the ISO9002 (where applicable) quality assurance system, Including:

  1. Compliance to work instructions.
  2. Raising corrective actions for all non-conformances.
  3. Identifying areas requiring improvement and / or audit.


Adhere to main job responsibilities:

  1. Performs all duties associated with R&M Technician/ Specialist
  2. Performs visual inspection on all parts according to the pass/fail criteria as laid out in the DD R&M


  1. Completes documentation on parts that do not meet the quality standard and removing those parts to the Inventory room for repair or disposal.
  2. Stores all accepted parts properly while waiting on replacements.
  3. Completes all documentation associated with requesting replacement parts from inventory.
  4. Operates the Break-out Unit to assemble and disassemble drilling tools and completing appropriate


  1. Assembles and disassembles power sections according to the DD R&M Manual and completing

appropriate paperwork.