POWER SWIVEL OPERATOR IV FRE/ Инженер по техническим средствам (силовым вертлюгам)

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Job Family: Field operations
Updated At: Yesterday



- Check before sending the equipment and be sure that all nessecary tools for job are in proper packaging and in good condition

- Maintain daily interaction with Management of the Company

 - Receive from the Customer and rpovide to Customer all reports , schemas , tables and another information after job

- To ensure proper organization of the workplace and use of PPE

- To complete the work associated with obtaining all necessary receipts, reports, records, etc. signed by a Representative of the Customer

- To use the technical literature, to read drawings

- To participate in safety negociations , audits and inspection

- To take active participation in testing tools if necessary

- To perform duties at the perfect level

- Send all jobs report after finishing the job to FRE Supervisor and to Base Manger 

-  After report's approval , fill in bonus list for payment

- To drive company's vehicles according company's standards and policy

- When performing work at the site,in case there's any danger of health,life of the employee or other employees , immediately stop work , notify the Customer  and the Manager in the shortest possible time

- Prohibited  usage and  bring on a production areas of the Customer and  Weatherford  alcohol and drugs

- To supervise the preparation of sending equipment tfor repair or technical maintenance from well to Base