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Job Family: Field operations
Updated At: May 16, 2019



1.    HSSE Responsibilities

Participate in Occupational and HSSE Training for which your are nominated by your supervisor, this can include, but is not limited to:

Attend & complete all necessary Weatherford  online training courses at employee connect.

Attend & complete defensive driving and commentary driving course.

Attend & complete all required HSSE training course.

Attend & complete Emergency Response Training.

Follow the instructions given by the manager.

Correctly use the personal protective clothing and equipment as provided by the HSSE

Take staps to ensure your own protection.

Comply with the Organization QHSSE Procedures and Regulations.

Comply with all posted safety signs, including road traffic signs.

Inspect, and report any apparent defects, in any tools, equipment, vehicle etc, which are used by you for work.

Report any incidents or near misses, however small, to your manager.

Communicate with your colleagues and report to your supervisor, any condition or situation which you feel may be unsafe.

To be available on the 24 hour basis to respond to customer needs

To carry out work assignments to the highest quality level   


2.      Training:

Learn & gain Thru-Tubing Work Shop Flow maintenance.

Training Assessments done on ability to Redress and Dress tools as per Weatherford Technical Manuals.

To perform Thru-Tubing Motors maintenance

To perform Thru-Tubing Packers maintenance



3.      Job Task: Incoming/Outgoing equipment

To prepare Load In/Out Lists

To check in/out equipment before/after field job.



4.      Maintenance:

To prepare Work Tasks

To redress and dress tools as per Weatherford Technical Manuals.

To prepare equipment for Inspection

To prepare Work Orders

To prepare Maintenance reports

To fill out pressure test report

To perform pressure testing in container or dedicated area

To clean and perform maintenance for pressure-test equipment whenever it is used

To perform function test for equipment




5.      Inventory /Movements/ Storage

To update Tool Movement reports

To update Tool logs

To ensure the  inventory is up to date with numbers, type, serial numbers and storage place of equipment

To make sure all equipment is labelled

To perform asset/consumables check minimum every 3 months

Constantly control material stock

Update inventory Equipment status, inspection/maintenance reports numbers.

Support work shop at high quality conditions (clean, all hand tools have to be on place, equipment after field/ for inspection/for assembly have to be at special areas)