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Location: SAFAT, Kuwait
Job Family: Geoscience
Updated At: May 20, 2019


Provide technical expertise for the planning, execution and post-well analysis of horizontal wells where Geosteering Services are being utilized or have the potential to be implemented.

  • Model offset data to determine feasibility of geosteering within reservoirs given geological/physical constraints and to recommend best applications for success.
  • Monitor real-time data, provide real-time interpretation and execute directional decisions to ensure proper placement of the borehole within a specific target.
  • Integrate with client G&G, drilling and completions teams for planning and execution of their horizontal well programs.
  • Give technical presentations to support Geosteering Services including feasibility studies, end-of-well analyses and sales/marketing demonstrations.
  • Mentor new Geosteering personnel in the art of geosteering and other related disciplines.
  • Promote the integration of other Weatherford Services for a comprehensive customer solution where appropriate.
  • Ensure a high Service Quality standard of service.
  • Know and understand the Weatherford Quality Policy and comply with all requirements of the             Quality Systems Manual, Operating and Technical Procedures and Workplace Instructions.
  • Must understand and comply with all safety rules and company policies of Weatherford.
  • Perform various other duties and activities as assigned by supervisor within the physical constraints of the job.


Understanding of geophysics, geology, petrophysics, LWD and directional drilling.

  • Broad knowledge of LWD and wireline logging technologies and applications.
  • Good understanding of drilling operations.
  • Experience with real-time operations.
  • Good communication and presentation skills.
  • Solid knowledge in LWD sensor physics and petroleum geology.
  • Advanced knowledge in formation evaluation and petrophysics.
  • Image dip picking.
  • Real-time geosteering experience - 5 years minimum.