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Location: SAFAT, Kuwait
Updated At: June 14, 2020

This job posting is no longer active


Performs all duties associated with R&M Technician – LWD I, LWD II, and LWD III (as necessary)

Organizes all Technician Team Members daily roles and duties as per location demands

Supervises the work of all technicians on the R&M service team, including processes, procedures, paperwork accuracy, safety, etc.

Mentors R&M Technicians –LWD III, LWD II, LWD I and LWD Trainees

Assists R&M Technicians – LWD III, LWD II, LWD I and R&M Supervisor - LWD in their roles when necessary

Coordinates with R&M Supervisor - LWD to plan daily equipment priorities and service requirements

Performs an accurate and timely preliminary R&M failure analysis and provides to R&M Supervisor – LWD

Reports inventory and asset issues to R&M Supervisor - LWD

Maintains all workshop equipment and tools, ensures they are kept in good condition; all calibrations and certifications are up to date; and the documentation for both is kept.

Maintains a clean and safe work environment, keeping it efficiently organized, and equipped with necessary supplies and tools.

Verifies required service records and documentation prepared by technician team are completed accurately and kept up to date, electronic copies are online and hard copies filed.

Utilizes all Service Delivery Quality management systems including service records pertaining to service line R&M applications (IMARKS, SAP, Reliability, NCRs, PFTs, TPFTs,CRs,  etc.).

Performs various other duties and activities as assigned by supervisor within the physical constraints of the job.

Knows, understands, and promotes Weatherford’s Enterprise Excellence Process and the Quality Policy and complies with all requirements of the Quality Systems Manual, Operating and Technical Procedures and Workplace Instructions.





  • Minimum High School education or equivalent
  • R&M Technician – LWD II competencies
  • Minimum 1 year previous experience as a Weatherford R&M Technician – LWD II or previous experience equivalent to a R&M Lead Technician – LWD II
  • Completed training for a Weatherford R&M Lead Technician – LWD II position



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