HSE Coordinator-Supervisor

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Location: BASRA, Iraq
Job Family: Health & safety
Updated At: December 1, 2019




The HSE Supervisor/Coordinator  will assist the Senior Toolpusher, Rig Superintendent and STC's in the implementation of the Policies/Procedures, Standards, training and safe systems of work as outlined in the Weatherford Drilling International BMS at the rig site. He/She shall ensure that the Safety Training Coordinators (STC's) are fully aware of and fulfilling their roles and responsibilities as per their (STC's) job description.

He will assist the management team with rig site auditing, incident investigations, administrative tasks as required and will play an active role in the delivery of training and safety initiatives at the rig site and base office. He will assist the country QHSE Manager as and when required.


Financial Responsibilities

  • Maintain a cost conscious attitude.
  • Determine means of improving efficiency and reducing costs where possible, investigate and take corrective action when required

QHSE Responsibilities :

  • To continuously display effective safety leadership and to assist in building and maintaining a positive safety culture at the rig site.
  • To ensure a safe, working environment without harm to persons or the environment.
  • To address QHSE issues at the time of their identification.
  • Ensure compliance with company HSE policies by all personnel and to actively support time out for safety.
  • Ensure that the permit to work system and other HSE management tools are used correctly.
  • Initiate, lead and participate in safety discussions, safety drills and inspections

Operation :

  • Conduct hazard survey/checks as per BMS 03-30-PRO and 7-2-GL-GL-WDl-0001.
  • Advise supervisors of risk levels for hazards as per BMS 03-20-POL and 03-31-PRO.
  • Assist concerned parties with hazard mitigation BMS 03-30-PRO.
  • Participate in safety meetings and toolbox talks to ensure quality hazard identification and uniform approach to hazard management.
  • Analyze hazard identification reports; discuss trends and relevant data with the rig and country management teams.
  • Perform random PTW Audits as per BMS 03-32-PRO.
  • Provide assistance to rig team to ensure the maintenance and operability of all Emergency Response Equipment as per BMS 03-21-POL.
  • Assist and supervise practice drills related to emergency response.
  • Ensure that the induction for all new crewmembers and visitors is being done as per BMS 04-41-STD and BMS 03-26-POL.
  • Observe personnel on regular basis and monitor compliance with all safety related procedures, standards and policies.
  • Intervene and coach using positive developmental techniques as per BMS 03-30-PRO.
  • Review TRA/SOP's records, ensuring crewmembers are complying with specified safe working procedures as per BMS 03-31-PRO.
  • Regularly review PPE compliance including adequate stock levels for the rig, BMS 03-<16-POL.
  • Audit the close out of the daily Safe Start/HAZID Card as per BMS 7-4-GL-GL-WDl-0001
  • Assist the supervisors with maintaining and updating the Improvement Commitment Report (ICR) Register, Audit Action Tracking Register, and Incident Tracking (WPTS).
  • Coordinate and forward the Rig Safety Awards and Recognition programs as per BMS 03-39-PRO.
  • Assist department supervisors with the implementation and presentation of the theme of the month topics (special emphasis programs) as per BMS 03-39-PRO.
  • Assist the rig team in the development and implementation of emergency plans BMS 03-21 -POL.
  • Ensure HSE related information and training is presented to the rig crew in their native language.
  • Conduct regular internal awareness training sessions as per BMS 04-30-PRO and BMS 04-32-PRO with, all crews in relation to safe work practice and skills, including but not confined to: Manual Handling techniques; PPE correct use hazard ldentification; Working at Height; Permit to Work System (PTW), TRA training.
  • Assist the rig team and rig superintendent in monitoring the yearly HSE plans and KPl's.
  • Ensure that the weekly QHSE report is discussed with all personnel present at the rig BMS 03:23-POL
  • Attend pre-tour meetings to both ensure content complies with BMS requirements and assist supervisors' with information and advice BMS 03-23-POL
  • Assist with incident investigations including reporting and close out of recommended action as per BMS 03 -22-POL.

People Management:

  • Coach, encourage and assist STC's in their competence and personal development.
  • Ensure that training programs are maintained in line with training matrix.
  • Encourage and support employees for personal development

Business Planning I Continuous Improvement I Organization Efficiency:

  • Ensure that pre-tour meetings are communicating daily objectives, speciaI instructions, safety precautions and training activities to the rig team.
  • Review all Operational Technical bulletins, communicate pertinent points to the rig team and assist with implementation of directives as required.
  • Initiate in liaison with rig and country management modifications to any procedure if deemed necessary with department and final Head office approval.
  • Support, promote and actively participate in the Company’s CAP (Competency Assurance Program) process

Customer I Public Relations:

  • Develop and maintain effective customer relationships by good communications with the client representatives.
  • React promptly to client requirements with regard to any HSE or training issues.

Any other delegated responsibilities as instructed by the Country Manager within the timeframe specified in a safe and efficient manner to meet business requirements, provided the instruction is reasonable and you are capable and deemed competent to fulfil these.



Professional, Technical, Academic Certificates required for the job:


Will have completed High School.
Literate and numerate.
PC literate in Microsoft Office
Fluent written and spoken English
NEBOSH International Diploma or an equivalent Health and Safety Qualification



Technical School/College qualification




  • Weatherford primarily promotes from within. New hires/promotions will possess a minimum of 5 years experience as an STC /HSE Supervisor in a Land Drilling operation.
  • WDI competence level for this position, new hires will achieve this within six months of appointment.
  • Able to demonstrate excellent cost awareness.
  • Undertstanding of the criticality of service quality to business growth.
  • Understand need for planning ahead and proactive activities.
  • Know, understand and be able to apply the fundamental processes involved with an integrated Management system.
  • Possess an understanding of the logistic/procurement processes and an awareness of project management systems


Preferred: Proven career history in a HSE Supervisor position




  • Be knowledgeable of WDI policies, procedures and standards that pertain to your area of responsibility.
  • Have effective people management skills and be able to communicate effectively with all levels of the organisation to assist in the effective management of personnel and operations.
  • Demonstrate excellent safety leadership.
  • Understand and be able to implement best industry practice and relevant international legislation.
  • Complete, in a reasonable time frame, the training requirements as listed in the training matrix for this position.
  • Experienced in international working environments.
  • Demonstrate Weatherford five core behaviors.
  • Train the trainer qualifications in relevant subjects



  • Ability to communicate effectively at all levels.
  • Personable and approachable but with strength of character.
  • Ability and commitment to learn and to develop personal career.
  • Ability to work within a multinational environment.
  • Represent WDI in a professional manner both on and off the job to include confidentiality of WDI and client business.
  • Multilingual


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