Slimline Field Engineer II

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Job Family: Field operations
Updated At: February 4, 2020

This job posting is no longer active


Criteria: Minimum 2-5+ years field related experience with Engineering Degree

Reports to: Operations Manager, Operations Supervisor

Job Definition: This is the intermediate level job for Field Engineer.

  • Acquires and develops broad knowledge and skills in a specific practice area.
  • Applies standard techniques, procedures and criteria to perform tasks for conventional products.
  • Exercises limited judgment.
  • Works on small projects or portions of larger projects.
  • Assists on other tasks, or performs moderate design tasks.
  • Receives close supervision, and thorough review of all work performed for application of sound professional judgment.
  • Key interface between Weatherford and the client at the job site, carrying the duties and responsibilities of completing a service job and managing a crew at the well site


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