Inspection Trainee

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Location: Kazakhstan
Job Family: Quality control
Updated At: November 7, 2019



  1. Carry out the company's resolutions, orders, instructions and other local regulatory acts, as well as the orders and instructions issued by State Inspectorate and other supervisory authorities, and the resolutions issued by the company's Health, Safety and Environment committee.
  2. Timely complete all assigned technical and safety trainings.
  3. To work in the field (outside conditions) providing assistance with the movements of materials for Inspection.
  4. To clean drilling tools and rig equipment for inspection.
  5. To learn and maintain the cleaning machinery which includes mechanical brushing unit, steam cleaner and high water pressure jetting equipment.
  6. To take responsibility for the safety of all cleaning machinery and responsibility for environmental control over the working areas.
  7. To report any unsafe conditions or acts to the Supervisor.
  8. Ensure that work assignments are performed in accordance with approved plans, schedules and programs.
  9. Provide technically correct operation of equipment and other fixed assets under responsibility of the department.



High or secondary technical education


Entry Level –Foundation Skills

Experience in gas & oil industry