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Location: Kazakhstan
Job Family: Field operations
Updated At: January 31, 2020

This job posting is no longer active



  1. Carry out the company's resolutions, orders, instructions and other local regulatory acts, as well as the orders and instructions issued by State Inspectorate and other supervisory authorities, and the resolutions issued by the company's Health, Safety and Environment committee.


  1. To instruct customer personnel on the functionality of our tools and go over the steps of the job with them prior to the actual installation so that everyone is aware of what is happening. And so that any foreseeable issues can be raised up front.       То perform on site JSA with customer / drilling contractor personnel to ensure that all HSE and quality risks are addressed prior to performing the installation.
  2. To drive the completion of the job brief and job debrief which is to be completed in conjunction with the operations manager/supervisor/coordinator responsible for the location where the equipment is to be installed   
  3. To complete end of job / end of well report for approval          by        operations coordinator / supervisor / manager so that it can be submitted to the customer. To ensure that job tickets, job report and FSQ are signed and all dates are accurate. To ensure job report has been uploaded in  WPTS
  4. To help or to supervise assembly of tools for remote locations where we do not have a team.  To help with addressing of problem jobs that they were involved with or other problem jobs their help is requested on by their line supervisor.
  5. To keep up with customer day to day operational activities as well as future operational plans so that WFT product line opportunities can be identified. Solving client problems to the feasible extend.
  6. To develop technical documentation (field program, if it is not complex one that is required to be done by application engineer, End of well reports, field basic calculations, well schematics and BHA and etc)
  7. To participates in carrying out activities related to testing of equipment, if it is required to be done prior field job. Also, to participate in reviewing technical documentation (manuals, technical units, etc.)



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