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Location: Kazakhstan
Updated At: March 24, 2020


Weatherford is one of the largest multinational oilfield service companies providing innovative solutions, technology and services to the oil and gas industry. The Company operates in more than 80 countries and has a network of 620 locations, including manufacturing, service, research and development, and training facilities and employs more than 24,000 people. For more information, visit and connect with Weatherford on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.


1. Weatherford company equipment loading/unloading;
2. Equipment assembly/disassembly during RCD equipment maintenance;
3. Participation in RCD equipment hydrotesting (leak test) using high-pressure nitrogen and fluid (5000 psi), responsibility for Weatherford company equipment;
4. Conduct briefing before work performance;
5. Preparation of necessary equipment to perform service for supporting proper and operational state for equipment;
6. Replacement of packing elements at bearing units of RCD;
7. Control over expendable material accounting and if required ensuring Supervisor is informed to execute an order;
8. Organizes work to control and increase quality of products and services, completeness of issued products and taking into account defects;
9. Control over employees work with small experience during service for supporting proper and operating state of equipment;
10. Control over adherence to safety and labor protection rules, safety rules, industrial and labor discipline rules, rules of internal work order by the subordinates;
11. Involved in delivery of finished product, works (Services) performed to the Clients;
12. Contributes to advanced training and improvement of occupational skills of the workers with small experience, their training, implementation of advanced experience;
13. Participate in development and implementation of improved management systems of product quality, control methods, new and applicable standards, technical conditions and other regulation an instructions;
14. Acceptance and inspection of reports for defect detection, NDT inspection for RCD components and equipment;
15. Opening and closing of work orders for RCD equipment maintenance;
16. Introduction of adequate system of registration of stock record accounts and transfer of organizational supplies;
17. Update and conduct adequate records in the registration log for loading equipment;
18. Preparation of all relevant documents to execute receipt/shipment of goods to other locations
19. Cleaning of office and service-container and keeping clean workplace;
20. Filling travel permit when transfer of RCD equipment to drill site;
21. Ensure execution of orders for necessary equipment, tools and materials, required for performance, organization of equipment, tools and material accounting and record; 
22. Monitor over fulfillment of inspection schedule for accuracy of the industrial equipment, instrumentation condition, its availability at the workplaces, timely presentation for state calibration
23. Perform activity of units of the enterprise to provide compliance of products, works (Services) with process regulations and product requirements
24. Examine reasons that cause deterioration of products quality (works, services), participate in development and implementation of preventive measures.
25. Carry out the company's resolutions, orders, instructions and other local regulatory acts, as well as the orders and instructions issued by State Inspectorate and other supervisory authorities, and the resolutions issued by the company's Health, Safety and Environment committee
26. Ensure that work assignments are performed in accordance with approved plans, schedules and programs.
27. Provide technically correct operation of equipment and other fixed assets under responsibility of the department.
28. Follow up on annual and monthly schedules of preventive maintenance and equipment diagnostics schedules.
29. Ensure that production facilities and equipment is operated in strict compliance with approved production procedures, operating modes and rules.
30. Provide technically correct operation of equipment and other fixed assets under responsibility of the department.
31. Take measures to prevent conditions facilitating theft and destruction of equipment and other assets of the department, ensure that decommissioned field equipment is timely dismantled and stacked to the protected areas (facilities).
32. implement measures aimed at optimizing costs
33. Monitor the accounting for the movement of equipment and inventory in accordance with the requirements of the Kazakhstan laws and the Company's Policies.
34. Carry out other instructions of the executive, which are directly or indirectly related to main activities and operations of the department.



Higher professional (technical) education. Minimum of 6 years experience both rig and workshop in the Oil and Gas Drilling Industry with practice. Minimum of 3 years experience in the working in the MPD product line


Rotation 28x28 based on Tengiz field, TCO project.


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